І. General Provisions

Art.1. The International Chamber Music Festival – Plovdiv is held and organized annually by Plovdiv Municipality, under the patronage of the Mayor.

Art.2. It is realized with the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and the District Administration, in partnership with the mass media.

Art.3. The Festival collaborates with national and international music festivals in Sofia, Ruse, Varna, Stara Zagora, etc.

Art.4. The Festival has its trademark emblem, seal, form and is not a competition.

Art.5. With an ordinance by the Mayor of Plovdiv Municipalitya coordinating councilis created for a specified period of time, and it acts as a consulting organ, which assists the Festival creative activity. This council is led by the Head of the Culture Department of the Municipality. It may also include representatives from the Ministry of Culture, as well as renowned musicians.

Art.5.1. The operative coordinating activity is entrusted to the Culture Department of the Municipality.

ІІ. Character and Goals

Art.6. In compliance with its creative tasks the International Chamber Music Festival – Plovdiv aims at:

  • maintaining its position and presence in the national and international cultural calendar, and with the quality of events to validate its prestige and its dignified position in the cultural life of the country, thus contributing for its enrichment;
  • boosting and establishing, through artistic events, the prestige of the Bulgarian chamber music performance;
  • maintaining positions and re-establishing the traditions of chamber music with its specifics and audience in the cultural and community life;
  • popularizing the works and achievements of music performance and stimulating appearances by solo performers and ensembles, through playing works from the chamber music repertoire;
  • affiliating the audience through the powerful impact and possibilities of music performance to the intransient samples of chamber music from all styles and periods.

Art.7. The Festival aims at stimulating contacts among performers, composers, sponsors, patrons, donors, etc.

Art.7.1. With its events it is beneficial for the development of cultural tourism in Plovdiv and the region.

ІІІ. Frequency

Art.8. The Festival is held annuallyin the period between June 10th and 20th, and the dates and number of festival events, which should not be more than 5 to 7 events, is determined by the organizers.

ІV. Festival events location

Art.9. The Ethnographic Museum in the Old Plovdiv, Republic of Bulgaria.

Art.9.1. In certain cases, and mainly in the case of a performance by renowned musicians, some of the festival events may be relocated to various concert venues in the city.

V. Selection

Art.10. The selection of performers in the festival program is carried out in accordance with the capabilities of the organizers.

Art.10.1. The Festival program includes solo performers and ensembles with established merit, awards and distinctions won, while priority is given to those, selected for performance in the music festivals in Sofia, Varna, Ruse, and Stara Zagora.

Art.10.2. When selecting the program the organizers keep in mind the attractive orientation of the repertoire program, the duration of the music pieces, the number of performers, the number of chamber pieces by Bulgarian composers in the program, etc.

VІ. Conditions for participation

Art.11. Bulgarian and foreign professional performers and chamber ensembles may participate in the Festival, without any age restrictions. 

Art.11.1.Participation in the Festival is voluntary.

Art.11.2. The organizers use the opportunities of coproduction with other Bulgarian and foreign music forums and entities, as well as the opportunities of integrated types of participation, which favor the Festival.

VІІ. Organization and Coordination

Art.12. The organizers:

  • work out and discuss the program of the Festival, the applications by Bulgarian and foreign solo performers and ensembles, as well as all matters related to the artistic parameters of the program, and guaranteeing the high artistic level of the Festival;
  • prepare a managing plan for the overall organization of the Festival;
  • work out a marketing strategy for the activity through advertisements, public relations, audience research, etc.;
  • take decisions regarding any matters of organizational, financial or trivial matter.

Art.12.1. The managing plan and program of the Festival are approved by the appropriate deputy mayor of Plovdiv Municipality.

Art.12.2. The organizers create and maintain partnerships with organizations, educational institutions of the arts, with various festivals and similar organizations from the country and abroad.

Art.12.3. They maintain permanent relations with famous performers, both from Bulgaria and abroad in the sphere of chamber music performance.

Art.12.4. They analyze and report the results from the current Festival and work out a strategy for its next edition.

Art.12.5. They have the rightto assign the realization of the Festival to associations, funds, and other companies and organizations, in accordance with the orders of the Law for Procurement of Small Orders.

VІІІ. Funding

Art.13. The Festival is financed by Plovdiv Municipality and the Ministry of Culture.

Art.13.1. The expenditures for the organization and conduction of the Festival are at the expense of the organizers.

Art.13.2. The Festival may also be financed by sponsors, patrons, donors, and other sources of financial funding.

Art.13.2. The financial conditions for participation of artists and their presence during the festival is stipulated by the organizers.

Art.13.3. These include the amount of fees, travel expenses, daily expenses, hotel accommodation, health insurance, etc.

ІХ. Other conditions

Art.14. Besides concerts, the Festival program may include also otherconcomitant events: master classes, meetings, courses, seminars, conferences, discussions, solo recitals and concerts, exhibitions, film shows, promotions of audio-visual products, books, etc. related to chamber music and other arts.

Art.15. The organizershave the right to record completely or partly the events, to create audio-visual products, to release them, to use them for promotional purposes. Other organizations or media have the right to record and broadcast Festival events only if authorized to do so by Plovdiv Municipality.

Art.16. The Festival is a member of the Association of National Music Festivals and as such is a full member of the European Music Festival Association – EFA.

Art. 17. The statute becomes effective from the date of its ratification by the Deputy Mayor of Plovdiv Municipality.

The preparation of the Statute of the International Chamber Music Festival Plovdiv is conformable to the Law for Protection and Development of Culture, the Law for Patronage of the Arts, and other normative acts.

Ratified in the year 2009.